On-demand webinar: Built realistic simulation terrains using the latest satellite imagery

See how BrightEarth's map data feeds Bohemia Interactive's Mantle terrain

Imagine exploring a simulation of a real-world environment built on satellite imagery taken today!

This on-demand webinar with our partners at Bohemia Interactive (BISim), the market-leading simulation and training company, shows how the data layers provided by BrightEarth integrate into a VBS4 terrain automatically using Mantle, BISim’s terrain pipeline for simulation creation. BISim’s customers can now generate accurate terrains based on LuxCarta derived products faster than ever. 

In the webinar, we demonstrate the terrain generation process through a timely example, the Ukrainian village of Robotyne. Watch the webinar to see how powerful this combination of technologies can be.

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For years, this was little more than an aspiration. But now, it is finally possible

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